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Updated: May 12, 2020

What changes in us when we take the view that people are Creative, Resourceful and Whole?

I first took notice of this phrase when I started coaching. I read it, passed it by, and said, yeah, that is about right, and moved on, hungry for more complex coaching techniques. Little did I realise the weight of this anchor.

Yet, the seed was planted. Like a coaching process, the growth has started and is long-lasting.

Today, it's roots still deepen within me and I am amazed at the shifts it has made in me especially in the way I coach. We can all benefit from this perspective. It doesn't mean that challenges are avoided. It doesn't mean that there is only one answer. It doesn't mean we hold the key to all the answers.

It means recognising the challenge AND having the ability to see the best in others to engage them in its solution. It makes interaction with others positive, synergistic and fruitful.

Join me and let's celebrate our being of Creative, Resourceful and Whole!

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I am #CoachWendyWong, passionate about helping talents optimise potential by building leadership skills.

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