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Programs for development Better Leaders.
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a Young Leaders Group

LEAD Program for Leaders Accelerated Development

LEAD Program is our flagship program to accelerate the development of your high potential leader. The program is customised to address the organisation's specific objectives such as succession and talent pipeline.

This program is ideal for preparing high-potential candidates for significant future roles in the organisations.


6 Months

ca Presenting Skills

Presentation Skills

Deliver clear and concise business presentations confidently.

Communication and influence are essential skill of a leader especially when presenting to the decision makers of a business.

This training helps a leader elevate presentation skills to enhance personal credibility and confidence.


2 Days + optional coaching

d ateamwork

Stronger Together
Team Engagement

Stronger Together is a practical, and highly experiential team workshop aims to engage at every level of the organisation. It is designed to provide participants with high-performance team insights and skillsets essential for peak performance and higher business profitability.

Enhances connectivity, collaboration and overall engagement in the business.


3 Days

g Design Thinking

Design Thinking Leadership

Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology widely used in various fields, including business, education, and technology. It focuses on understanding the needs and challenges of users and stakeholders to create innovative solutions. The core of Design Thinking lies in its human-centric approach, emphasizing empathy and a deep understanding of users' experiences and needs.


2 Day

a leadership foundation


Every employee deserves a great line manager. The Leadership Foundation Training Program concentrates on the foundational skills for new and mid-level leadership roles to flourish in their roles.

This is a customized training, so we add assessments and coaching for a multilayered learning experience!


3-Day Training

d 10 Step Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Transform Leadership Performance at any level.

Exceptional leadership means constantly honing one’s skills, and continually investing in self-development through personal and professional growth.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting out, the coaching supports your leadership journey.


3-4 Months

f Developing Talent

Developing Talent
for People Leaders

Having a strong talent pool in organisation is a competitive advantage many leaders strive for and struggle with.

Enhance People Leaders with skills to effective discuss talents development in the teams for a stronger tomorrow!


2 Days

b Discussion

Coaching For

Transform Managers into Leaders with coach skills for high performance. Managers who can coach grow their business faster and more sustainably.

This course has been designed by coaches who has had more than a decade of senior leadership experience in coaching and mentorship.


3 Days Training

d New Leaders

New Leader

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a new people leader is exciting when they are properly supported with fundamentals of leadership skills.

The New Leader Fundamentals Training concentrates on selected critical skills required for new leaders to start their people leadership journey in a successful way.


2+1 Days

f servant leadership

Servant Leadership
for New Managers

A highly Interactive 2-Day Online aimed to support New Leaders in their journey through the principles of servant leadership.

The programme covers both the principle and approach based on Robert K. Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership and selected ICF Competencies.


5 Days

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