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The Art of a Powerful Question

A "Powerful Question" is double-edged. In a question, we can successfully engage or we can dilute trust. When triggered, it's natural to react.

Steer your questions with these few tips:

1) Breathe - slow it down. Change the rhythm and it's amazing how the other person will mirror your pace. Slowing it down allows us the space for the real issues at hand.

2) Be aware of your SET - sensations, emotions and thoughts. Our physiology affects our psychology and vice versa! Being aware of our SET allows us to re-set our minds and neutralize ineffective tones.

3) Be clear about your Intention and Impact. Good Intentions are not good enough. As the saying goes " the road to hell is paved with good intentions". To be effective, it's important to align your intentions to your impact.

Lead with the right Impact. Make your questions count.


I am #CoachWendyWong, passionate about helping talents optimize potential by building leadership skills through coaching and training programs.

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