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Stressed Out By Work During Lockdown? These Tips Will Cheer You Right Up & Get You Back On Track!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We get you! We too miss the workplace banter, structured environment, and corporate surrounding!

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted our world towards a very different path from what we previously had. Many organizations are opting to work remotely rather than in the office to reduce the spread of the virus. However, after more than a year of working from home, most of us miss going to the office.

Looking on the bright side, working from home has created new opportunities for us as well. These are some of the things we miss and the opportunities gained from working at home during the pandemic.

Yeah, we too miss...

  • Face-To-Face Interaction: Social interactions at the office creates a bond between colleagues. Since the pandemic, the virtual sessions have drastically reduced our daily social interactions.

Unfortunately, virtual sessions mean no more small talk during coffee breaks or while waiting for the coffee machine. Although it seems like seconds of conversations, hallway conversations help foster camaraderie among the employees.

Source: Deloitte, The office: What employees miss, and what they don’t

  • 45% of the respondents miss the face-to-face social interactions

  • 31% of the respondents feel that the office has more collaborative potential

Tips to try! Contact, Communicate & Connect! Remember the 3Cs! Keep in touch not only with your friends and family but also with your colleagues. Always check in with them, we never know what they're going through and you just might be the one to turn that frown upside down!

  • Structured work environment: The work environment plays a vital role in uplifting and motivating the employees. A systematic working pattern among employees with shared objectives and goals ensures a positive outcome for the organization. A workplace with a physical location where we can focus to achieve our shared goals aids in the process to achieve our goals as we gather together to work towards a shared objective. Furthermore, all the tools and resources which are better equipped compared to when working from home contribute to the ease of work.

Tips to try! Set a Designated Workspace or Home Office with all your necessary equipment. This will help retain some form of a structure during working hours.

  • Work-Life Balance: The ability to unplug when we leave the office. Some employees find it hard to unplug while working from home as the line between work and life is thinning. Working in the office gives us a physical barrier which working from home does not offer.

Source: Martec Group Case Study, Working remotely during Covid-19

  • 42% of the employees stress levels got worse

  • 30% of the employees had a poor work-life balance

  • 40% of the employees struggled with productivity

Whilst, some of us can have a balance between work and life, some still find it very challenging.

Tips to try! Encourage safe conversations and a better understanding of how you and the team can operate successfully in this new environment. Innovate new work arrangements that can sustain the wellbeing of every team member, and that includes you!

Hey, here's what we gained!

  • Reduced travel time and cost: No more wasted time stuck in traffic! Essentially, we are not only saving time but also our energy and money it costs to commute five times a week. The financial benefit of working from home is evident, as time and money usually wasted during a commute are reduced. Not to forget the environmentally friendly aspect as with most of the population working from home, the rate of air pollution will also decrease.

  • Flexibility in terms of time: You have personal control over your schedule to either run errands, drop kids off at school, do household chores, and working when you want to.

Video meetings are available 24/7. The on-demand access gives us plenty of time with our family, opportunities to communicate internationally, convenience, and the ability to do other household chores during breaks.

  • Digital Globalization: Digital Globalization has ensured that everyone is still connected even when we are physically apart. The pandemic has shifted the world online with an extended reach that enables a wide range of people to work from home. Now, everyone regardless of age has learned to become more tech-savvy.

Furthermore, the quality of online classes has improved as the market now exists. Due to the recent pandemic, the rise in remote work and study has increased thus creating a market and coherently increasing the quality of online work and classes. Technology has made work from home possible and that fluidity is strength.

It's no doubt we miss our daily interactions and our pockets of me-time during our daily commutes but considering the current situation we can choose to look at the silver lining. There are endless possibilities, especially in the digital world. You could take up a new hobby or enroll yourself in online courses, everything is available at the tip of your finger.


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