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Optimizing Positive Leadership Impact: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Future Leaders

Updated: Mar 20

Hello everyone, and a warm morning or afternoon to you. It's a pleasure to connect with you today. Before we dive in, let me just take a moment to open my windows.

Today, our focus is on expanding your positive impact through the lens of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), especially in the workplace.

In the realm of leadership, when times are good, everything seems fine. But how do we navigate the terrain of conflict using EQ when challenges arise?

Let's begin with a simple EQ reflection:

Imagine gifting yourself either more Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or more Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Which superpower would you choose for your personal and professional growth?

EQ or IQ Gift

Before we explore further, let's step back and ponder a critical question:

How do we nurture leaders, not just for today but for the future?

This is a question organizations grapple with as they strive to ensure sustainable, continuous business success.

The ability to Thrive in Change together

The future promises change, and our ability to thrive in it is crucial. Thriving alone is not enough; we must do it collectively, tapping into the intelligence of everyone. This poses a challenge:

How do we build the capability to navigate through conflicts?

Key Shifts for Future Leaders

In the face of inevitable change, leaders must undergo key shifts to avoid plateauing in their growth. Let's explore three fundamental shifts:

  1. From Me to We: Shifting from an individualistic mindset to a collaborative one is essential. It involves letting go of control and embracing the collective genius.

  2. From the Follow Mindset to Co-creation: Leadership is no longer just about vision and strategy; it requires collaboration. Leaders must learn to co-create a culture of collaboration that harnesses the collective knowledge of all.

  3. From Relying Solely on IQ to Embracing EQ: Today, we delve into Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a skill often misunderstood. We'll break down EQ into components to demystify its complexity.

Demystifying Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ involves understanding yourself and others. Let's simplify it using a 2x2 box, focusing on internal (self) and external (social) aspects.

EQ Dimensions of self understanding

  1. Self-Awareness: Understand what's valuable to you, what's at stake, and appreciate yourself. EQ starts with self-awareness, recognizing your emotions and their impact.

  2. Social Recognition: Read the room, understand others, practice empathy, and appreciate the connectedness of everything around you.

  3. Self-Regulation: Be aware and regulate yourself consistently. Adapt to situations, showing up in a way that aligns with your values.

  4. Social Management: Influence others positively, especially in conflicts, by combining self-awareness, social recognition, and self-regulation.

Navigating Conflict with EQ

To apply EQ in conflict resolution, consider journaling your thoughts. Externalizing your feelings helps in self-awareness.

Ask yourself:

  • What's at stake for me in this conflict?

  • How can I regulate myself to show up positively?

  • How do others perceive this situation?

  • What collaborative style can bridge our differences?

Overcoming Inner Blocks with EQ

Lastly, be aware of inner voices that can limit your potential. Challenge statements like "It's my nature," "I have no time," or "I've tried, and it doesn't work." Growth and progress, not perfection, should be the goal.

EQ to understand your inner voice of blocks and growth

In the words of Warren Bennis,

EQ quote by Warren Bennis

IQ is a threshold competence, but EQ can bring out the best in yourself and others.

Remember, EQ is a learnable skill. As you embark on this journey, embrace discomfort, recognize growth in every challenge, and celebrate progress.

Here's to your continued growth as a leader with expanded positive impact!


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