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Beyond the Boardroom: The Essence of Purpose-Driven Leadership

Updated: May 4

In this second instalment of the Leadership Trends of 2024 series, we’re going to dive deeper into the latest buzzword  – Purpose Driven Leadership. Just what is it and why is it required more than ever?

Purpose Driven Living and The Younger Workforce


The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The term "Purpose-Driven Leadership" is often associated with Rick Warren, a pastor, author, and founder of Saddleback Church. While Rick Warren is not specifically a leadership expert, he popularized the concept of purpose-driven living through his book "The Purpose Driven Life," published in 2002. The book emphasizes the idea that individuals can find meaning and fulfilment by living according to a greater purpose.


The term now has been widely adopted and adapted in the field of leadership and management, with various experts and organizations incorporating the concept into their leadership philosophies.

Purpose-driven leadership is considered important for several reasons, and its significance has gained recognition in the business and leadership communities. This is in part due to it being driven by the strong influence and presence of Gen-Zs and Millennials in the workforce who currently make up approximately 38% of the global workforce and this percentage will rise to about 58% by 2030. PWC - How prepared are employers for Gen Z?

Gen Z’s are now the youngest constituents of the workforce, following the millennial generation. They were born in the late 1990s to early 2010s, with the eldest currently aged around 24/25 years. This generation is the workforce of the foreseeable future.

Crystal Kabajwara; How prepared are employers for Generation Z?


Deloitte 2023 Gen Z and Milennial Survey

In Deloitte’s Global Gen Z and Millennial 2023 survey, which gathered feedback from 14,483 Gen Z and 8,373 millennial respondents across 44 countries, the respondents rank business leaders third among groups with the most significant role to play in addressing these issues, just after politicians and social justice and sustainability advocates. And one-third of respondents say that seeing business leaders speak out on sustainability has influenced their own thinking and behavior.

Values of Purpose-Driven Leadership

And while Purpose-driven leadership is now a non-negotiable in this day and age, let’s also look into its intrinsic value.

1. Inspires and Motivates

A clear and compelling purpose provides a sense of direction and inspires individuals within an organization. When leaders communicate a meaningful purpose, it motivates employees to align their efforts and contributions with a higher goal.

2. Employee Engagement

Purpose-driven leadership fosters a sense of meaning and fulfilment among employees. When individuals feel that their work contributes to a larger purpose beyond financial gain, they are more likely to be engaged, committed, and satisfied in their roles.


3. Cultural Cohesion

A strong sense of purpose helps build a cohesive organizational culture. When everyone shares a common understanding of why the organization exists and the impact it seeks to make, it creates a unified and collaborative work environment

4. Attracts and Retains Talent

Millennials and younger generations, in particular are often attracted to organizations that prioritize social and environmental responsibility. A purpose-driven approach can be a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent, as employees seek workplaces that align with their values. 


5. Resilience in Challenges

Organizations with a clear purpose tend to be more resilient in the face of challenges. When leaders and employees are guided by a shared purpose, they are better equipped to navigate uncertainties, adapt to change, and overcome obstacles.

6. Enhances Decision-Making

Purpose-driven leaders often make decisions that align with the organization's core values and long-term goals. This helps in making ethical and sustainable choices that contribute to the overall well-being of the organization and its stakeholders.


7. Positive Impact on Society

Purpose-driven leadership extends beyond the boundaries of the organization. By contributing to societal well-being and addressing broader challenges, purpose-driven leaders can positively impact the world, creating a legacy that goes beyond financial success.

8. Customer Loyalty

Consumers are increasingly seeking products and services from companies that demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Purpose-driven leadership can enhance brand reputation and customer loyalty.

In summary, purpose-driven leadership is important because it not only provides a strategic direction for the organization but also creates a positive and meaningful work environment that benefits employees, customers, and society as a whole. It goes beyond financial metrics and focuses on making a positive impact in a broader sense.

This is beautifully evidenced by Patagonia who are in business to " our home planet.’

Yvon Chouinard,  founder of the outdoor fashion retailer Patagonia.

"Instead of ‘going public,’ you could say we’re ‘going purpose’"

Yvon Chouinard, founder of the outdoor fashion retailer Patagonia.

Pataagonia’s Chair Charles Conn

We are turning capitalism on its head by making the Earth our only shareholder.

Patagonia’s Chair Charles Conn in an article for



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