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How Anxiety Affects Your Leadership.

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

How Anxiety Affects Your Leadership.

Anxiety is often hidden. Sometimes even from ourselves if we do not pay attention. I am glad business culture is slowly shifting toward the care of issues such as anxiety, as well-being and mental health are taken more seriously in the workplace.

Leaders set the tone of their environment. When a leader is highly anxious, it affects the team. Self-awareness and self-regulation are crucial starting points for any leader. Easier said than done! Nevertheless, it is worth recognizing the level of anxiety we feel and its correlation with how we show up.

I liked this article from as it recognizes some of the common leadership triggers and share ways to take control.

Common Leadership Triggers are:

  • Not ready for new responsibilities.

  • Being a new manager.

  • In the weeds with projects.

If anxiety negatively affects you, how about taking time to explore its triggers and consider a support strategy from a leadership coach?


I am #CoachWendyWong, passionate about helping talents optimize potential by building leadership skills through coaching and training. Start a leadership conversation with me today!

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