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Appreciative Inquiry : What Successful Companies Know!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Most successful companies use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to improve their efficiency, perform better, and ensure positive outcomes for their organization.

Appreciative Inquiry focuses on what works, analyzing why it works so well, and then implementing it. High-performing organizations create a culture around positivity and what works.

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry which was pioneered by David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva in the 1980s is well-known as :

a positive approach to organizational change that maximizes the organization's strengths

Appreciative. This helps us to identify moments of high performance, past successes, and areas of excellence which highlights what works for us and the company.

Inquiry. This helps uncover our existing strengths and what works within the organization. This also encourages everyone to see the need for change, explore new opportunities, and how to achieve the potential positive outcomes for the organization.

To know more, Check out this video!

The main idea behind Appreciative Inquiry is to encourage a problem-solving perspective. Based on the video above, we can observe how a change in perspective gives the organization a boost to success!

Changing the Way You Think!

Perspective plays a very important role in Appreciative Inquiry. This is because having a positive perspective in life allows you to dictate how you feel. However, having a negative perspective in life, we allow our environment and surrounding to dictate how we feel.

Appreciative inquiry focuses on positive thinking, expresses ideas and opinions to reach a positive outcome. Instead of thinking 'What's wrong?' let's think 'What's right?'. This allows the individual to assess the situation with a positive mentality.

Appreciative Inquiry greatly influences your thinking, the AI model helps you look for the positive in every situation.

The 4-D Model

The 4-D Model refers to the four steps in the Appreciative Inquiry initiative which includes Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny.

Benefits of using Appreciative Inquiry

  • Positive outlook

Appreciative Inquiry is a unique and positive development tool to initiate change, evaluate what we have, and helps us to focus on the positives. A positive outlook on future decisions as you learn to focus on "what's right?" instead of "what's wrong?". Your entire perspective will be shifted as you use the Appreciative Inquiry model in your day-to-day life.

  • Goal successes

More confidence in your decisions and you will have fewer negative or anxious feelings. The success will increase exponentially as YOU have the confidence and the right plan if you follow the steps in the 4-D Model.

  • Boost Innovation

Appreciative Inquiry teaches us to use problems as learning opportunities. Although, we say that appreciative inquiry focuses on the positives, however, if we come across a problem with AI we will immediately think of a solution and 'what the situation should look like. This enables us to be proactive with our problems as we innovate new ideas to help move forward from the issue.

"The foundation of Appreciative Inquiry is based on strengths,

they do more than perform, they transform"

-David Cooperrider


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