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Understanding Appreciation - Why Rewards Program Fail

You have taken a lot of effort to recognise your team - even put a Recognition Program in place! Yet, the response shows that your employees do not feel recognised enough. If that is the direction you are heading, you are not alone.

A recent survey showed:

51% of managers believe they do a good job of recognising employees for work well done. Yet only 17% of employees believe their manager does a good job of recognising them for doing a work well done.

Some of the clues can be found in a wonderful sharing by Dr. Paul White on the “Practical Ways to use the 5 Languages of Appreciation.”

The nutshell?

Different employee value different Language of Appreciation. There are 5 broad categories:


Don't rely on Recognition Programs to create an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. Observe each and every team member - how would they best receive an authentic appreciation?

One size clearly does not fit all.

Thanks, Dr Paul White for the sharing and WBECS team for organising.

Written by: #WendyWong, a #Leadership Coach at #Petadiri.

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