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What is Quiet Quitting? Tips for Leaders

Have you heard of the phrase "Quiet Quitting"?

Are you aware that it is occurring in your workplace?

Find out more in this video where Coach Wendy Wong highlights this workplace behaviour trending in the workplace and the simple yet impactful intervention that leaders can make when they see this happening.

Video Transcript:

What is quit quitting?

Quiet quitting is not about someone quitting their job. What it does mean is someone quietly quitting from being engaged in their job. Someone quietly quitting from going above and beyond the job description. Someone quietly quitting from investing emotionally in the workplace is quite quitting.

As a leader, I believe you can make a positive difference when you see that happening in the workplace.

How to handle quit quitting as leaders?

I would like to offer you two ideas today in support of your leadership. The first is a don't. The other is a do, and they work hand in hand:

  1. Don't judge - The situation as good or bad as it is not a blame game. Instead, by withholding our judgment, we get to exercise our ability to empathize, and empathy is the gateway to more meaningful conversation.

  2. Do have a caring and supportive conversation - With a person that you notice is quietly quitting. Show them that you care, explore the possibilities, and find a win-win situation that could create more engagement, more passion, more joy in their work, as well as more productivity for the business.

So from quiet quitting leaders, you can create a bridge to new understanding so that the workplace can be a place that nurtures positive growth for all.

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