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What Is My Right Career Path?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Where should I go? What's my right career path?

Many find it hard to map out and commit to an ideal direction, especially when it's about their next career move.

I call it "the burden of the multi-talented". They are talented in many areas and their careers can take many directions. The stakes of the right direction are heightened. Confusion sets in.

It is easier to think about areas where we don't want to go. Well, that's a start.

But don't stop there.

Let's work at it till we are clear about what we do want.

We want it enough to commit to the work.

We want it enough to go through the discomfort of growth.

We want it enough and know that not trying is the bigger regret.

So what is my right career path?

The answer will not come nicely packaged with the right answer. It will not be handed to us on a silver platter. Like a camera lens, our vision sharpens with the question and the reflections. And it's a wonderful process to ponder. The pondering will lead to confidence and clarity.

Now, as our direction sharpens, Buckle up!

Our inner compulsion will boost us forward.

I hope you find these thoughts helpful and please share what is the process you have taken to find the right career path for you. The path, to me, is the quality of a lifetime's work.

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