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Unlock the Leader within with Leadership Coaching!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

What sets a good leader apart from a great leader? How can you become a great leader?

What Is Leadership Coaching? And Why Should You Get A Leadership Coach?

In our previous blog, we dived into the meaning of coaching and the benefits. In this blog, we will be discussing a more specific area of coaching which is Leadership Coaching.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is a process where coaches facilitate leaders to achieve their organizational goals and to become more effective leaders through a specifically tailored program for each individual.

In simple terms, Leadership Coaching is a one-on-one coaching process with a leadership coach which will enable you to reach your full potential as a leader. Leadership Coaches help in identifying the goals and the skills the leader needs to work on to achieve their stated goals.

Looking for A Leadership Coach?

How can Coaching improve YOUR Leadership Skills?

1. A New Perspective

Sometimes all you need is fresh perspectives. Coaches help leaders to gain new perspectives especially when we are not able to see the bigger picture or when we are not able to see something right in front of us.

Leadership Coaches encourage YOU to pause and just take a step back so we can re-evaluate our actions and outcomes. This will help YOU grow as a leader as you develop your own analyzing and problem-solving skills.

2. Increased Emotional Intelligence

Some Leaders might find it hard to recognize their own emotions. Coaching helps you to have an increased emotional intelligence with yourself and the people around you. Being emotionally self-aware is vital for a leader to grow. This is because understanding your response and the impact of your response on those working under your leadership will help you build a better connection with them.

According to Gary Yukl, a well-known researcher on leadership “Self-awareness makes it easier to understand one’s own needs and likely reactions if certain events occurred, thereby facilitating evaluation of alternative solutions.”

As a Leader we must understand who we are leading but how do we understand them if we fail to understand ourselves. Therefore, being self-aware is how we will reach your full potential as a leader.

emotional intelligence

3. Enhanced Performance

If you feel that you are new or inexperienced, getting a leadership coach will ensure you are on the right path to becoming a highly successful and productive leader. However, if you feel that you are at the top of your leadership game, know that there is always room for improvement to enhance your already existing skills. In contrast to popular belief, Leadership Coaching is not limited to those who are just starting their careers but it is also a very popular demand for CEOs, Directors, and those in high positions with many years of experience.

Effective Leaders know that there is always room for improvement. Yes, you may excel in your area but that does not mean you should stop improving your skills. A leadership coach can encourage you to work on new aspects and bring out strengths you might not even know you had. Slowly, your strengths will increase, your confidence will be boosted and your performance enhanced.

Why should you get a Leadership Coach?

Leadership Skills are undeniably sought out by many companies and organizations because the skills to lead are essential in a management function. Effective leaders motivate and guide organizations to bring success to the company's goals.

Leadership roles are required in many organizational fields in various roles such as a manager, an executive, a supervisor, a team leader, and anyone in charge of a team.

A Leadership Coach allows you to accelerate YOUR growth and make YOU a better Leader.

At PETADIRI Leadership & Coaching, highly professional coaches work with you to accelerate your performance and improve your leadership role. We specialize in leadership coaching to ensure YOU reach your full leadership potential.


We at PETADIRI Leadership & Coaching are passionate about helping talents optimize potential by building leadership skills creatively through coaching and training in Asia.


Reach out to us if you would like to unlock your full leadership potential through personalized programs just for you!

Enhance your leadership skills with PETADIRI Leadership Development


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