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The Weird Fun and Myth of the Busy

SEASON's GREETINGS!!! How fast has the year swooshed by!

Throughout this year, the concept of busy-ness has intrigued me, as it has often been worn like a badge of success.

Is faster always better?

Imagine yourself on this Ferris Wheel. It's Bright and Dazzling! At whatever speed it goes, at the end of it, you'll still be at the same spot. The only difference is how you feel at the end of it all - highly-strung or stressed.

We often assume speed gets us places.

We push ourselves to go faster and faster. Sometimes, we get disappointed to find ourselves in the same spot in spite of the effort. The only difference is that we are now tired and stressed out.

It's time to take stock.

What must we do differently to move forward?

Speed is only a great accelerator when powered by a clear destination and strategy. Leadership is less of Do, Do, Dos and more of BE so that the Doing becomes purposeful, impactful and sustainable. And the Doing doesn't disappear. There is a difference between Action and Impact.

Share your thoughts! I am keen to hear what you think!

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