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The Misconceptions of Coaching Mindset Busted!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Employees today want to be coached. Regardless of ranks, we are creative and resourceful beings. Yes.. even those of us who initially want to "cut through the case and just be told."

The Growth DNA is in all of us.

A survey found that

* 85% of millennial employees say they would feel more confident if managers engaged in performance-related conversations more frequently.

* 70% felt that this process could help them “learn and grow.”

MISCONCEPTION 1: Coaching is Soft.

Leaders whom coach don't shy away from regular check-ins and constructive feedback. They embrace these conversations as opportunities to help individuals and teams improve.

By creating a safe space, the conversation depths unlocks the real issue.

MISCONCEPTION 2: Coaching takes too much time.

Where would you like to operate from?

All of us are challenged between

* short-term fix & the long-term growth

* efficiency & effectiveness

* management & leadership

Our mindsets determine our choices, which determine how we show up every day.

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