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Surprising Lessons from The Road Less Travelled

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

With age spots all over, I was reacquainted with this gem as I rummaged through the heap of books from our yesteryears, found in the room my sister and I shared as kids. It was The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck.

Re-reading this book was nostalgic and the process re-emphasized:

1) WE ABSORB SELECTIVELY. It is a form of unconscious bias. I was surprised that Scott Peck gave parenting advice in this book which I must have glazed over when the information was irrelevant to me at that time.

Now, as a parent, these words seem to jump out and scream "Take note!"


2) OUR CORE INTERESTS STAY EVERGREEN. I use to account for my interest in people potential tracking it back to about 15 years ago when I took an interest in HR.

Now reading this book, and looking at the array of old books I have... my passion for people potential started way earlier.


3) BOOKS HAVE AN ENRICHING POWER ON THE FAMILY. My sister and I are very different - from our quirky ways to our world views. Yet, one of the positive effects of leaving our books around was that we read each other's books.

A powerful binding factor that strengthened our relationship.

What a delightful new year's find!


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