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Story of My Name

Becoming Annepaul from Anne is a story I have lived and today I share it with you. In the picture, you see the first page of my three series of life which I have lived till now.

This is my story … the story of my name

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Anne and she was born to Paul and Padma a couple who already had two children. The Vemagiri’s lived in a land of opportunities and a place where life was simple and quiet.

Anne grew up with many dreams and usually found herself caught up in her world of running behind butterflies and looking up waiting to see her sky turn her favourite colour. She wasn’t sure as yet what her favourite colour was or what she wanted to be but she was sure of one thing, that, this is not where she was meant to be.

Many years later Anne found herself tied to a man with whom her journey discontinued for better reasons. This disconnection got her connected to her father’s name ie Paul due to an error in getting her name mixed up in the renewal of her passport. The new name she got now was Annepaul Vemagiri. Even before she realized her life was changing into the dream she always grew up watching looking at the sky, she noticed that now she loved the colours around her. As she looked back to the time when she transitioned from her first series to the second one, to her surprise it happened somewhere around the time when she got her new name Annepaul Vemagiri…( Story continues )

I have many stories of inspirations, victories, and failures surrounding my name and I strongly believe that our name means a lot.

Today, I continue to live the story of my name and I continue to share them too. Some of us have unique names and others share a similar name but we can never have the same story around our names. Our stories are different and every story is beautiful and inspiring and it must be shared. Our name is like the title of a book and no two titles are the same and even if they are, the chapters have different narrations.

I continue to live my series of books, the titles of which changed from Anne Paul to Annepaul.

So, what’s the story of your name?

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