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Constructive Feedback with STAR Model (Worksheet Provided)

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Giving Constructive Feedback might feel like a daunting task to many individuals as there are many challenges in giving feedback as poor timing, miscommunication, or even fragile emotional states. We understand that sometimes when the feedback is not properly communicated, we might end up hurting the other individual's feelings or they might even get defensive.

Fear not! We've got you covered with the STAR Model to ensure your feedback is constructive and properly communicated. STAR is the acronym for Situation, Task, Action & Results. This model helps you prepare to provide constructive feedback.


When coming up with feedback, it helps to specify things down a little bit. "Well Done!" or "Great job last month!" isn't very beneficial to your employees because they aren't particularly precise. Use questions like, "What happened?", "Whom did this concern?" , "When did this occur?", "Who was involved in this situation?" to help understand your objective in giving the feedback.


When offering STAR feedback, the first thing to determine is the specific scenario or task that your employee was assigned. Employees may confront problems such as "we are going to miss our monthly sales goal" or "the network went down in the middle of rush hour." We will begin our feedback process by looking at the primary objectives that the employee has taken on. The more specific the task, the better.


What did your employee do in response to the scenario or task at hand? This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Avoid using negative terms, we understand that something went wrong but how and why is more crucial to prevent future issues. This is crucial when it comes to giving constructive feedback as we want to make sure that they accept our feedback instead of labelling it as criticism.


What was the immediate outcome of the employee's actions? Were they able to solve the problem or finish their task? Determine whether the outcome was successful first, and then analyze how the employee's actions influenced the outcome. Giving constructive feedback re-instils confidence in employees to act on their good ideas. When constructive feedback is given, the employee learns exactly what they should have done instead.

STAR Model Worksheet
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