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PeekaBOOK Review: Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Dr. Julie Smith

Why is mental health important?

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all part of our mental health. It has an impact on how we think, feels, and behave. It also influences how we interact with others, manage stress, and make healthy decisions. Every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood, is important for mental health.

Putting mental health care front and center can boost performance, improve our self-perception, and strengthen bonds with others. Taking care of our mental health not only makes it easier for us to function daily, but it can also help us combat or at least control some physical health issues that are closely related to mental health issues. We can be more alert and aware of our surroundings with the help of this book.

How can you notice people's behavior better as a leader?

Dr. Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist with a TikTok following of 3 million people. Many of the same subjects covered in her videos are explored in Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? In bite-sized, digestible entries, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before takes on common problems and offers workable solutions, making it simple to find specific information and advice quickly.

The book has a practical focus. It helps people to set a better mindset and also can lead to a breezy invoronment for everyone around us. The book Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before provides you with the tools you need to take control of your mental health or in other ways help people (colleagues or employees) as a leader.

My job is not to turn a pessimist into an eternal optimist. My job is to gear them up with that pitcher. The pitcher represents the skills they need to feel confident when facing life’s challenges. When life gets tough, it’s only human to feel depleted.

Here are 2 takeaways from the book that we can apply at the office as a leader.

1. Listen more

It can be challenging to coach. These days, there are a variety of coaching methodologies, and it seems like everyone calls themselves a coach. I am a firm believer in mental health care and lowering the cost barrier that so often exists. According to experience, most people mistake mentoring for coaching.

A lot of people believe that giving advice is an essential component of excellent coaching. Coaching aims to help people reach their full potential. You can do that by developing your coaching abilities. These three things are powerful questioning, active listening, and self-awareness. Less telling, more questioning.

2. Be more understanding

Leadership encompasses a variety of significant qualities and is the capacity to consistently influence a group of people. Leadership focuses on sustaining a team's motivation, engagement, and productivity, as opposed to management, which is the overall direction and oversight of a team's work activities.

The main focus of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before is behaviour modification. We must change our behaviour in order to change our minds. It's challenging. Particularly on those "I can't be bothered days" when our low moods cause them. You can advance by starting small and taking simple steps.

3. Two-way communication

Managing a team effectively requires more than just directing and delegating. The input and viewpoints of their teams are valued by exceptional leaders who make the time to hear them out before making any decisions. While providing their staff with constructive criticism and mentoring, this two-way communication allows leaders to gain important insight from a variety of team members.

This relationship-building idea is consistent with relationship leadership theories, which place an emphasis on developing effective work teams that collaborate to accomplish objectives. Furthermore, leadership concepts assist professionals in understanding what skills and character traits to cultivate in order to advance in leadership roles.

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