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PeekaBOOK Review: The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobellir

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Why decision-making is essential for leaders?

To stay on the right track in today's fast-paced and complex business world, leaders must constantly refine their decision-making processes and practices. Leaders can demonstrate to their staff that they value their contributions and have their best interests in mind by making wise choices. Making informed decisions can speed up processes and move projects forward, increasing worker productivity.

This action demonstrates consideration and reliability when they take the time to assess, consider, and justify decisions. Strategic, long-term decisions are not something that is particularly advantageous when one is in this state, as you might imagine. For this reason, it's crucial to have emotional restraint. The ability to control strong emotions so that they don't cloud their judgment is a quality that distinguishes strong leaders from others.

By balancing reason and emotion, great leaders are able to make decisions that are advantageous to their organizations, their staff, and others. Along with knowing when to act quickly and use the information at hand, strong leaders also know when to take their time and gather more information. This could potentially make staffers feel comfortable sharing their interests and concerns with their leaders at the workplace.

How to choose better decisions through The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobellir

Have you ever wasted time on something that seemed pointless but you desired to change? This book is a good place to start learning about biases and our irrationality if you have never done before. It covers a wide range of biases and presents them all in a clear, straightforward manner. This book discusses human reasoning through engaging storytelling as well as concrete exercises and observations, and it's required reading for anyone who has to make important decisions (great for leaders).

The book is written by Rolf Dobelli a Swiss author and entrepreneur who was born in Luzern. He is best known for writing The Art of Thinking Clearly, an instant bestseller that spent 30 weeks at the top of Germany's Der Spiegel bestseller list and was the most widely read non-fiction book of 2012.

“I am primarily a novelist. In writing this book, I think of myself as a translator whose job it is to interpret and synthesize what I’ve read and learned. My great respect goes to the researchers who, in recent decades, have uncovered these behavioral and cognitive errors. The success of this book is fundamentally a tribute to their research. I am enormously indebted to them.” - Rolf Dobelli.

You can get a better understanding of how often our brains are deceiving us by reading about all of these biases. Here are 2 amazing pieces from the book on to choose better decisions, if you're interested in the topic, you can continue to read:

1. Learning about biases and our irrationality

The human brain is the most intricate structure ever discovered in the universe. In other words, it enables us to carry out those operations that are only possible through human ingenuity. The human brain, however, is a persistent liar that undermines our success. Although the brain is incredibly intelligent and complex, it frequently falls into a variety of cognitive traps. For instance, leaders should try to avoid creating a biased culture in the workplace, this way it could help to build better unity among everyone.

The book combines short stories with facts gathered from research or other writers' works. The book is more authentic as a result of the author's citations of research studies, other psychologists' writings, and their own. The Art of Thinking, in my opinion, has its greatest value in this area. Because of the way it is written, you can pick and choose the chapters that are relevant to you and consider how to apply them to your life.

2. discusses human reasoning

Why is logical reasoning important for leaders? What logical form does it take? Although a logician can figure it out, there is no algorithm that can determine the logical form of every assertion made on a regular basis. The challenge is that mental logic requires a logical form that goes beyond simple sentence structure. To be effective as a leader, one must be able to recognize a reasonable assumption and use it in a variety of work-related situations.

Acknowledge that thinking is hard and that people rarely think well without focused effort. Similar to how we (leaders are recommended) can use disciplined study, and try to train ourselves. In this way, we can train our brains to think more effectively, which will help us accomplish our objectives.

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