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Our Three Companions

Updated: Feb 1

Three things you must choose carefully and take care of them even more thoughtfully. A very good friend of mine shared this beautiful pearl of wisdom and I am passing it on to you.

He said, Anne we have three companions in our daily life and we must know them and take care of them conscientiously. They are bed, shoes and friends. Just like you, even I asked him to explain further.

Our Shoes, we wear them mostly the whole day and at times in the night. Shoes carry the entire weight of our body and we usually wear them for long hours. They walk on places we ignore to look at and they also protect us from getting our feet dirty.

Our bed, they carry us the whole night for nearly 6 - 8 hours. Our body rests on them completely and they too carry our weight as the shoes do. We roll over them, at times we eat our food on them or read a book as well.

Thirdly our friends, one of our tagless relationships. Friends are special because they expect nothing and they come to stay forever. We confide in our friends more than we do with our family or spouse. They carry the weight of our hearts for many years.

Our three companions, our shoes, bed, and friends are our closest companions but how much do we take care of them. How do we treat our shoes? Do we throw them the moment we come back home ? or do we decorate them in a comfortable place? Do we pile them up one over the other or do we organize them with good space between them? Our bed, do we make our bed the moment we get up in the morning, or do we leave it as it is? Do we spend a good amount of time arranging the upholstery and linen or do we dump the bed somewhere in the room? Our friends, whom we meet randomly with no legal or blood connections, how much do we take care of them? Do we also listen to them as they do or we just take them for granted?

So here are your three companions choose them thoughtfully and keep them even more tenderly.

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