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Mentor for Life

Question: Should we have a mentor? Ans: Yes Question: Can I have more than one mentor? Ans: Yes

My mentor story will surely make you crave for a mentor for your self. My mentor is Magical, Empathetic, Natural, Therapeutic, Optimistic, and Real. You will find yours as it is definitely a journey to a destination where a person awaits to give you wings to fly.

My first one, my superhero, my dad, a powerhouse of positivity or optimism, I should say. He can change any situation into a positive one simply like magic. I remember as a child, I always hesitated to make him touch my forehead while I had a high fever because if he did I would heal and it would deprive me of one day rest from school. That’s why I call my mentor therapeutic. My mistakes, my wrong choices, my failed ideas took a 360 degree turn when he made me see by his perspective. He knew exactly how to make me feel right when everyone around me said the other thing. He stood by me believing in me when I failed to do so myself. He gave me wings to fly around the world trusting that I would fly back to him with a twig of pride and achievement.

Wendy, my coach but I give her the place of a mentor. Wendy came into my life when I was blurred in my vision to visualise my situation clearly. It looked chaotic. Wendy empathized with me and looked at the chaos like a wall around me that would not touch me ever as I was stronger within and my wings, given by my dad would make me fly above and beyond the chaos.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

Do you have a mentor? If yes, then tell the world about them. If no, find one today.

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