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Managing Change in Disruptive Times - The Future of Work

COVID-19 has altered the concept of ‘work’ as we know it. How will this change affect the future of the workforce? What can senior management and business owners do to overcome such change during these disruptive times? Is it a good time to invest and upgrade yourself?

Watch this live webinar to hear what industry professionals have to say and have your questions answered in the live Q&A session. This webinar is brought to you by The Edge Singapore in collaboration with Singapore Management University

Panel session on Talent: Matching the workforce of the future to the future of work Human capital is going global. With constraints around physical space and geographical locations removed, the demand for top talent will become even more competitive

Moderator: Wendy Wong, Managing Partner of PETADIRI Leadership and the Regional Director, The People At Work

From the human capital & recruitment perspective: How can you identify the gaps in your organisation and find the right talent?

From the trade & industry perspective: How can we equip HR with the right tools to find the perfect match?

From the business & individual perspective: Is this the right time to invest in self-improvement and is post-graduate studies the way to go?

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