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Is Executive Coaching Personal?

In my coaching, my core fundamental is that the person in front of me has a deep capacity within themselves to be resourceful, creative and whole. My job as a coach is to accelerate the growth of their potential. Being whole doesn't mean perfect. Being whole doesn't mean we don't grow. Being whole celebrates the complete person here and now, who can choose to tap on their full resourcefulness and creativity and channel it towards where they want to go. Using a different lens, the whole person has elements of the professional self and the personal self. We recognise that even with the attempt to segregate roles, our professional selves and our personal selves overlap, integrated at various levels.

So, not surprising that the Harvard Business Review reported that although companies may not hire coaches to attend to issues in executives personal lives, more often than not, personal matters creep in.

By honouring the strictest levels of confidentiality, a coach creates an environment of trust and safety where the executive can thrive. The executive's willingness to explore the whole person functions both as an anchor and a catalyst for sustained growth.

Coaching speeds up the process of focused growth. Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Yet, it is important to recognize that coaching is not the vehicle for every situation. Studies show that coaching is less effective to fix behavioural problems when the person doesn't want to evolve. It is shown that the ROI of coaching is low with executives that have iron-clad belief systems who don’t want change.

As the value of coaching becomes more and more evident, future leaders will benefit from coaching. At times, the deep personal values offer critical insights that unlock the shifts. Our environment has become exceeding complex and leaders turn to coaches to help them see more clearly and act more intentionally. Executive coaches help leaders become more agile and accelerating the learning process.

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