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How Does Giving Enrich Your Life?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

There are many ways to give. We give our resources - money, time, effort etc. One of my favourite way to Give is in the form of time.

Giving back in the form of time has a "multiplication effect" as it gifts the giver as well as the receiver. You get to share the "goodness" through the reaction of the receiver.

Giving subconsciously makes us grateful for what we have, and confident enough to share them with others.

How Does Giving Enrich My Own Life?

An example:

I have always recognized the benefits of having mentors and coaches throughout my career. These givers lifted me enough for me to realize how great the impact they made by spending time working on me.

Mentoring and Coaching were accelerators that boosted my career through the years and I am ever grateful for the support of mentors and coaches in my life.

I have gained so much, I knew I must give back. This "note to self" stayed with me for a long time and I was compelled to say yes to volunteering my time when my first university RMIT University knocked on my door in search of Mentors for their students.

Now, I am honored to continue serving, with some of the most influential people in Australia and beyond, to provide leadership and shape the future workforce by helping students put their best foot forward in their own careers and dreams.

The enrichment is an internal process for me. As a benefactor, I know the process works. With that, the opportunity to be able to help someone else walk into their dreams gives me a sense of being part of a chain of support. It fills me up inside.

Want to start Giving but don't know how to start?

1) Choose an area that you are passionate about.

When I first considered areas I wanted to help, every organization and support group seemed worthy. I had to dig deeper to what I was keenly passionate about. After a process of prioritization and elimination, I knew I wanted to use my strengths (in coaching and mentoring) to give back.

2) Make Giving enjoyable.

When giving is enjoyable, there is a higher chance it becomes more sustainable. You look forward to it. It is NOT a chore. As they smile, so do you :)

3) Try different options to find the one that best fit.

Givers are always welcome in any organization. They give their resources such as donations and time to a cause that they believe in. If you have many options, and you are stuck, why not try them and see what fits you best?

The trick is to start. Then go from there.

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