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How Do Leaders Take Recognition to the Next Level?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

RECOGNITION ENGAGES. Gallup Q12 concludes, after surveying millions of employees, that one of the top engaging behaviours of line managers is consistent recognition of good work.

Recognition of Good Work propels others positively forward. By helping others understand what "Good" looks like, leaders encourage the repeat the performance.

Let's not stop there.

How do leaders take recognition to the next level?

Taking it up a notch, INSPIRE WHAT GREAT CAN LOOK LIKE in someone. Our ability to RECOGNISE POTENTIAL - "the spark/strength/talent", is the catalyst for greatness.

The transformational power of

** "My leader says s/he thinks I can..."

** "I am who I am today because she believed in me"

** "Who? Me? Do you really think so?"

cannot be underestimated.

Recognise potential greatness in others is a powerful perspective a leader can acquire today.

We see it if we look out for it.

Let's continue to recognise the good work done, AND seek to nurture the greatness of tomorrow.

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