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How Coaching Enhances Performance

I had a really fun time discussing topics of interest with Host Amer Ali, PMP, PMI- RMP, PMI- PBA, PMI-SP, LSSGB and his followers! We all know leadership coaching enhances organizational performance. I was ready to talk about it.

As the questions go, I realized Amer and his followers wanted to know what does this means to them PERSONALLY.

Wonderful! Let's dig in. Amer asked practical questions that his PMI followers are keen to know. He kept it short for their lunchtime entertainment break.

Thank you, Amer, for the interview. You are a great host and I was intrigued by how you had captured my thoughts as we went along! Fabulous!!

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I am #CoachWendyWong, passionate about helping talents optimize potential by building leadership skills creatively through coaching and training in Asia.

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