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Endless Online Meets? Tips to Avoid Burnout That Everyone Will Thank You For

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Many executives are sharing that they are trenching through back-to-back meetings, the burnout is setting in and effectiveness is sliding.

Breaks that used to occur naturally in a course of a working day have dissipated. An example, taking the time to travel from one meeting to another.

In spite of jamming in more meetings in a day, these top executives report lower satisfaction. A filled calendar may have provided a false sense of productivity.

Here are some tips to help:

1) Run online meetings differently. It is a different platform of communication so use it's advantages accordingly. Directly running virtual meetings the way you would a physical one inefficiently burns the energy bank of team members.

2) Shorter Structured Meetings. Work does expand to the time allocated. Many of my clients started shortening their meetings and have found this tweak effective. Just because our clocks are set by the hour doesn't always require a standard one-hour meeting. Plus, I notice how happy people are when meetings end earlier that the allocated time.

3) Balance Inclusivity with Purpose. This takes first, an effort to be clear about the purpose of the meeting, consider if everyone needs to attend just because... Close the assumption gap.

Hope these are helpful as tips to avoid burnout that everyone will thank you for!

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