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Learning and Development Effectiveness with Gan Kwee Ming, VP L&D, OCBC Bank

“Training is no longer about the what (information) because learners can easily gain that from various sources with technology.” says Gan Kwee Ming, VP and Head of Learning & Development for OCBC Bank Berhad. Gan has just celebrated his 15 years in OCBC and have spent more than 2 decades creating business value through learning and development.

How to you assess the quality of training?

I don’t rely too much on feedback ratings of participants at the end of a training workshop. That’s too superficial and biased to the immediate reactions of the participants such as venue and level of entertainment created. Feedback of participants are important but my focus is the level of learning and its application at work. Thus, we need to measure training effectiveness from multiple angles including follow-ups and impact over a period of time. Using feedback forms alone is not enough.

Tip #1: Consider the learning impact and assess that through different angles of impact.

What do you look for in a Trainer?

I value trainers who are subject matter experts with hands-on experience so that they are able to impart not only the “what” but also the “how and why” is practical ways. For example, in leadership training, we value trainers who has held leadership positions so participants gain the theory and the real-life experience.

Tip #2: Review spectrum of experience of your trainers to determine Value, not just the years as a trainer.

What advice would you give to a leader who wants to leverage on L&D to strengthen his/ her Career?

Regardless of level, the first and important step is alignment of development needs and impact with the Line Manager. It’s basic, yet critical to to get this right. Once you have aligned with clarity, the type of intervention, be it leadership program, coaching or special projects etc may vary to suit the needs of the leader.

Tips #3: Alignment with Key Stakeholders creates more buy-in, support and recognition of development and progress made.

Additional Stats: Gan is a ICF Associate Certified Coach and have previously won the prestigious HR Award in Quality and Service from the Ministry of Human Resource during his tenure in Mandarin Oriental.

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