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The Power of Fresh Eyes

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I am always curious about a person’s perspective and experiences when they start something new. I would often ask their view about how they saw the new environment, and I have never been disappointed by their insights!

They all had something I refer to as “fresh eyes”, a perspective that even the most engaged practitioner loses when familiarity sets in. I notice how often these insights were invaluable in creating new ideas, developing solutions and improving the ways of working. Yes! Amazing opportunities caught!

Starting something new often fills us with exhilaration - because it taps on our desire to reach for the vision. At the same time, there can be self-doubts of if one can contribute quickly.

After all, we have not learnt the ropes. In a new environment, it is easy to follow an established route. We hear a small voice in heads whisper, “What could I possibly contribute as I am so new?” or “Why not just follow, after all, hasn’t it proven to work?” or “Why offer an untested when the current is not broken?”

Many organisations highly desire the Culture of Innovation. Here, a pair of fresh eyes often comes in handy. I have seen how new players add invaluable insights by just daring to speak their minds. Their willingness to share their point of view often leads to the multiplication of possibilities. The spark can turn into a valuable fire. It is not always that the new perspective that makes the change, but often it functions like a catalyst that sparks light. Someone else in the group may leverage on this spark and build on this new input.

Then the magic happens - something new and improved emerges!

Fresh eyes can introduce powerful ideas simply because they are not yet shaped by the comfort of a tried and tested.

Often, it works best hand-in-hand with more open and experienced team players. The opportunity here is to share those insights compellingly and respectfully. The art is in its balance.

On the one hand, know that the value of a new perspective is often incomplete without experience. How often have we faced ideas that seem great only to realise its loopholes upon execution! On the other hand, recognise that the first gift of any new experience is a pair of fresh eyes.


So, the next time you find yourself in a new situation……. Go ahead, put on those fresh eyes and share with the world what you see. It makes a difference.

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