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My Reflections as Chairman of the International Coaching Week 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

International Coaching Week is a global celebration of Coaching. I am honoured to chair this event for ICF in Malaysia. Sharing my reflections on key principles that have led to this year’s success:

“Experience Coaching” is Powerful.

Participants' positive shifts toward coaching were consistently observed after the coaching experiences. These sessions created more buy-in compared to any other mode. Coaching works!

Team of Strengths

Putting a team based on Strengths was crucial. When we are leveraging on Strengths, work was lighter, more fun and resulted in fast high quality outputs.

Momentum of Encouragement

In projects, we inevitably hit roadblocks. Bounce-back was fast with showers of encouragement. Encouragement came quietly through the high participation rates and swiftly when the coaches sensed a dip. This kept everyone a little higher, a little happier.

Pushing Limits.

It may seem easier to do it the way it was done before. Yet, to do so would sacrifice Innovation and Creativity. The team was quick to try out new ideas and ask “Why not?”. This was a game changer especially our ambition to expand Participant Reach.

Thank You to our Participating Organizations

Special Thanks to our the ICW Committee and The Executive Committee of ICF

This experience was personally an invaluable one. I would like to thank all the coaches that participated in the International Coaching Week and to my Committee - Emi Kawauchi (Co-Chair), David Khaw (Social Media), Michelle Tan (Events Planning), Jo Anne Ng (Advisor) and the Executive Committee of ICF Malaysia - Jeff Cheah (President), Grace Lee (VP), KC (Events), Tang Wee Hen (Membership), Shantamala Navaratnam(Treasurer), Michael Kim (Secretary) and Azman AR (IT).

Special thanks to Don Hummons as a guest speaker of the closing and Mel Leow for making this happen.

A Year Later.... I received this recognition from the ICF President, Jeff Cheah:

Wendy is very focused on what she does.

What I like about her approach is that she exceeds expected outcomes through a process that encourages clarification and builds alignment. She is very competent & engages stakeholders well. She also uses her coaching skills to get autonomy & accountability. Once she accepts an assignment, she is 100% committed.

That's the reason when Wendy accepted the role to Chair the International Coaching Week 2019 (ICW 2019) held in May 2019, it was the MOST SUCCESSFUL ever breaking new grounds and milestones.

This is one of the major reasons ICF Malaysia, FIRST-TIME IN 18 YEARS, was awarded an HONOREE in ICF Chapter Recognition event held on 28 Oct 2020. As the ICF President (2108-2020), I am delighted with this outcome and I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy’s services. Her work ethics and quality is outstanding.

Thank you, Jeff for your recognition and support.

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