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Have a FUN-filled Day – everyday!

Too many executives are weighed down by the seriousness of work. Inject more fun into work and watch your creativity rise. You may even enjoy it!

Like knowing the recipe for a delicious cake, I pondered the active ingredients to build a FUN-filled-day and here are some of the clues I found..

Gotta be present. I watch kids play, and they are always in the moment. I recollect what I loved to do as a kid, and it was sitting back and entertaining the ideas that bubbled up. That was play for me. My mom used to call it “building castles in the air” - again! Those moments were fun because I had to be fully engrossed with the detailing of those thoughts and dreams.

No Bagage, please! As kids, we fought, and we forgot. Adults find that endearing and puzzling. Fun is light – no space for baggage even the ones on wheels.

Lean a little closer to the Edge. A splash of challenge and a dash of unknown. The rewards of accomplishing something valuable that we might not be able to do is Big. This is a new one for me as I tango with entrepreneurship. I wake up, wrestle with the nay say in my head and do it anyway. I am learning that this process is actually fun with the added bonus of it being fulfilling.

The list is long and we have personal preferences. There are so many ways to build Fun into our lives. No reason not to have lots of it in our lives - unless we chose not to want it - and I totally respect that as well. To each, his or her own.

Anyway, If you do chose Fun - I wish you a FUN-filled day!

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