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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Welcome to the first article of Petadiri's weekly Diversity, Inclusion and Equity series! This series is a stepping stone in carving future leaders through fact-based research on contemporary corporate communications, employee relations and human capital management.

In the following article, you will familiarize yourself with the main facets of Diversity and Inclusion:

  • The significant differences between ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’

  • Why is Diversity and Inclusion considered a crucial factor in 2021?

  • How do you know whether you are creating and leading an inclusive team?


The Significant Difference between Diversity and Inclusion?

In contemporary corporate communications, diversity and inclusion are often used interchangeably. However, there are some aspects that set them apart. For starters, diversity is all about representing a plethora of communities and groups. Inclusion is all about integrating a vast spectrum of values and perspectives of these diverse groups into a particular environment. One of Petadiri's major goals is making our clients understand the value of creating and fostering healthy, equitable employee relations and one way is familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of creating an inclusive workplace.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion considered a crucial factor in 2021?

In 2021, more leaders and corporate executives are analyzing the value of Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO). Equal employment opportunity is equal opportunity to attain or maintain employment in a company, organization, or other institution (according to the EEOC, 2021). This ensures that employees in the workplace are treated with respect, kindness and dignity. EEO also shields minority groups against unnecessary workplace biases which can further perpetuate an unhealthy and toxic work environment.

Research has highlighted the many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace: A. Higher Revenue Growth (a heterogeneous environment boots productivity)

C. Increased ability to recruit a diverse talent pool

How do you know whether you are creating a diverse and inclusive team?

Petadiri’s research on contemporary company culture has found out that when employees trust that they, and their colleagues, will be treated fairly regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or age, they are:

  • 9.8 times more likely to look forward to going to work

  • 6.3 times more likely to have pride in their work

  • 5.4 times more likely to want to stay a long time at their company

One of the key ways to measure people's analytics is simply collecting and monitoring data. As experienced professionals, you can take simple steps forward in the right direction by conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys and/or catch up with your employees on the daily (tea-time banter) to find out more about their sentiments.

We at Petadiri truly believe that #coachingworks. As our passion stems from helping talents and experienced leaders unleash their true potential by specializing in communication, collaboration and creativity. Our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity article series on the official website serves a fresh and exciting new take on employee relations and corporate communications via the lens of 21st-century equal employment opportunities.

Tune in for more weekly scoops!

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