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Our Youths, Our Future

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

So, outside of the formal coaching sessions, I spend time sharing my experiences through writing, mentoring and speaking.

One of the rewards of my work as a Career Mentor is the opportunity to share the lessons I have learnt in my own career journey with others. Mentoring is different from Coaching in the sense that a mentor shares their experiences with the mentees. A Coach brings out the best in coachees through evoking inner resources and awareness, then keeps the coachee accountable to themselves towards the direction that they want to take.

So, after speaking to a group of youth leaders in their conference, it was really nice to receive a well put together deck by the AEISEC Southern Youth Leadership Committee about the results from the participant's survey. The words from the participants were really encouraging. They propel me to keep on contributing to our community in the way that I enjoy. It hardly felt like work.

So a Big Thank You to the youths that have inspired me through their energetic participation. Another Bigger Thank You to the Southern Youth Conference Committee for inviting me.

The Southern Youth Leadership Conference 7.0 was run so smoothly with so much passion by the committee behind the scenes. Well done to the committee, namely Ho Jia ErVern Theng Lim, Goh Yu Yan, and Wen Xin, not forgetting Chuah Lay Yong who was the first to contact me for the event. You aimed high and have reaped the results!!

All the best to all of you as you pursue the career of your dreams.

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